Karen Horton School of Dance


Classes Offered

The following is a basic breakdown of the classes we offer at Karen Horton School of Dance. For more information about specific classes, please call the studio at (423) 875-6720. 


Acro blends classical dance technique with innovative choreography allowing for the incorporation of acrobatics into a seamless dance routine. This class is physically challenging, requiring a lot of core and upper body strength to be developed. It also helps dancers become more flexible. Originally acro was performed in Vaudeville in the 1900s and has become regained popularity with dance competitions and reality shows. 

Barre Above

In today's fitness market, Barre workouts are one of the hottest trends, delivering incredible body-changing results with a low impact workout that is approachable for all fitness levels and ages. The workouts in the Barre Above series are structured to focus on participants? safety, with the movements pushing the muscle to an effectively challenged level without risking injury to the participants? joints, tissue, or skeletal structure. They challenge and sculpt the body without the risk of incurring injuries from overuse. By taking away the Barre and challenging the body with center floor core moves, the workouts provide exercises that sculpt functionality, with little to no equipment needed. It is presented in an all-inclusive manner to accommodate every fitness level of the participants.

Need to bring a yoga mat or large towel.

Combined 1

Combined 1 is for the beginning student, ages 3-4. The class is 45 minutes long, and consists of ballet and tap. At this age, a lot of basic motor skills are being fine-tuned (like skipping, hopping, marching, etc.) Also, learning to respect and listen to the teacher and learning to work well with others are important aspects of the class. For the recital, each combined 1 class will perform one routine (in either ballet or tap) with their class, and then one routine with all the other combined 1 classes.


Combined 2

Combined 2 is the next step after combined 1 for ages 4-5. This class is also 45 minutes long and consists of both ballet and tap. At this level, students are starting to learn more terminology that will help them later when they are finished with the combined classes. Besides performing a routine (in ballet or tap) with their class, the student can choose to perform in either Daddy's Little Girl (for the student and her father) or in Chapel of Love.


Combined 3

Combined 3 is the final combined level class and it is designed for ages 5-6. Like the first two, this class is also 45 minutes and both ballet and tap are taught. By the end of combined 3, students have mastered a lot of terminology and are ready to take 45 minute classes in one discipline or another. Once combined 3 is completed, the student may take classes in any other discipline they want. Like combined 1, each combined 3 class will perform one routine (in either ballet or tap) with their class, and then one routine with all the other combined 3 classes.



Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. It is the backbone of all other forms of dance. Ballet classes are offered to students who are 6 years old all the way up to adults. There are a range of levels including beginning, intermediate, and advanced for the younger students, and beginning and intermediate classes at the adult level. Classes start out at 45 minutes, and are an hour and an hour and a half for more advanced students.



Tap is a style of American theatrical dance using precise rhythmical patterns of foot movement and audible foot tapping. It is derived from the traditional clog dance of northern England, the jigs and reels of Ireland and Scotland, and the rhythmic foot stamping of African dances. Tap classes are offered to ages 6 and up. We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes for all ages.



Jazz was originally developed by African-Americans in the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century. It drew on African rhythms and techniques which isolated various parts of the body in movement. Its absorption into show business, through exposure in films, on television, and on Broadway, guaranteed it an enormous and enduring audience. Jazz is often used in music videos as well. Jazz classes are offered to ages 6 and up. We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes for all ages.


Hip Hop

Hip hop refers to street dance styles. This style of dance is usually set to hip hop music, and it has evolved as a part of the hip hop culture. Hip hop is not the same thing as breakdancing, which is usually done on the floor. Hip hop is constantly evolving, and the instructors at Karen Horton School of Dance are always teaching their students new styles. Hip hop is recommended for ages 10 and up, and we often encourage students to try a year of jazz/hip before moving on to hip hop. There are beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes for children and adults. 


Irish Step

Irish is a type of performance dance originating in Ireland from traditional Irish dance. Irish stepdancing has been recently popularized by the world-famous show "Riverdance". Karen Horton School of Dance is one of the only studios in Chattanooga that offers Irish step. Most classes perform hard shoe dances, and students are encouraged to use regular tap shoes for class. Irish classes are offered to ages 6 and up. We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes for all ages.



Contemporary is a style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling. Contemporary is similar to lyrical dance, and has become popular thanks to shows like "So You Think You Can Dance". Contemporary is one of the newest styles of dance offered at Karen Horton School of Dance, so there are a limited number of classes for children and adults.



Pointe classes are offered through invitation only. A student is considered for pointe once they have completed at least three years of ballet. They also must be 12 years of age or older. It is the instructor's decision whether a child is ready for pointe work.


Belly Dance

Belly dance is a beautiful dance form that allows women to honor their bodies no matter what shape, size, or color. The dance techniques learned in belly dance are very natural and complementary to a woman's figure. The techniques learned in this class will strengthen the core, thighs, knees, and back. Belly dance promotes a healthy, strong, feminine figure.